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Defero Technology Co., Ltd is a parking equipment and system solutions provider that originated from North America. Defero currently provides parking equipment for a wide range of parking operators in China, Canada, UAS and Mexico. Defero¡¯s technical support centre is based in the Asia Pacific region.
Defero has specialised teams focusing on R&D, production and sales of intelligent parking equipment. We offer our clients tailored service and packages on parking equipment.
Our products have been exp...
Products List

parking system auto pay station automatic payment kiosk
parking management on street parking pay
pay to park central payment kiosk
central pay parking ticket payment kiosk
intelligent parking management ticketing machine
parking management system ticket issuing machine
automatic high quality bill payent pay on foot parking meter
parking control automatic ticketing machine
parking system pay to park full function
automatic high quality parking payment kiosk
automatic pay on foot parking pay station
parking system ticket vending machine
Contact Us
Company: Defeo Technology(Wuxi)Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms. Mary Lu
Address: Nanhu road,Nan chang district,wuxi city.
Tel: 051068759636
Fax: 051068785260
Homepage: www.deferotech.com

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